Hamburg, a city next to the Elbe

The city of Hamburg has been build next to the river Elbe and has begun to sprawl across and around it. Therefore, it came to offer a many views of the river famous for water flowing upstream.

Portra 400 – Leica M6 35mm

The most famous view of it is probably that from Landungsbrücken towards the harbour – specifically towards the wharf of Blom & Foss, which frequently services gigantic cruise ships.

Portra 400 – Leica M6 35mm

During winter the river is often engulfed in thick fog, especially in the evening. Far away lights and buildings can turn somewhat spooky looking.

Portra 400 – Leica M6 35mm

And taking the ferry over to the other side evokes an interesting feeling by drifting off into the uncertain.

Portra 400 – Leica M6 35mm

The ferry runs along and across the river Elbe, making it an interesting option to commute from/visit Finkenwerden and the Altes Land

Provia 400x – Leica M6 35mm

Finkenwerder is a rather small part of Hamburg and connects the city to the huge fruit plantages of the Altes Land.

Velvia 50 – Meica M6 35mm

Looking towards Hamburg, the harbour is  always unmistakably in the background.

Provia 400x – Leica M6

Across the river on the northern side towards Blankenese, the Elbe presents a nice beach, although I would not recommend swimming in the river – even though it is considered to be safe it’s still quite dirty… Note the sunk boat to the right!

Portra 400 – Olympus XA

The famous Speicherstadt of Hamburg sit close to the city centre and used to be used for plain storage space. Now, restaurants, bars (as seen above), offices and apartments compromise the area.

Portra 400 – Leica M6

This is probably hamburger most famous sight – the Reeperbahn! I think there is not much to add to that. If you go there on the weekend, you might want to check out the Fish market the next morning for food 🙂

Portra 400 – Leica M6

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