A snowy Easter on the Darss documented on black and white film

Recently I had some time to dive back into my library of shots. In particular, I was looking at images depicting snowy scenes for inspiration as it’s going to be winter soon.

As soon as I realised that there’s going to be quite a bit of snow, I opted to shoot black and white film for most pictures. I still had Kodak TMAX400 and TMAX100 in stock which I shot at stock speeds and pushed to ISO1600.

The “Weststrand” on the Darss. Translates to western beach. Shot on TMAX400.

I often spend the Easter holiday with my family on the Darss, a peninsula in the Baltic Sea in eastern Germany. Usually there is no snow whatsoever at Easter, but 2013 was decidedly different.

Hide and seek with easter eggs in the snow. Shot on TMAX400 at 1600.

What makes the Darss special is its great diversity in landscapes. First, there is the “Weststrand”, which translates to western beach. The Weststrand is rough and windy with sometimes large waves, swell.

The “Weststrand” on the Darss. Translates to western beach. The wind shapes the trees. Shot on TMAX400.

Every year, the sea robs parts of the beach and it continuously shrinks.

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