Analog to digital workflow – part 1: how I scan film

In this series, I want to describe and share how I handle my physical pictures and scan and store them digitally.

Part 1 will be about the scanning process itself and part 2 about storing and categorising the files.

The scanner

I’m fortunate enough that I have access to a film scanner at the school I’m studying at. Actually, I have only once seen someone else use it, so I live in constant fear that they will get rid of it… The scanner is a Nikon Coolscan 9000 ED, which is kind of old but still produces incredibly good looking scans. However, lately it seems to have developed a problem when dealing with large solid colour areas, which appear to have vertical stripes across them (in the form of slight but noticeable luminance variations). That issue is very annoying and not easily fixable in post unfortunately. Apparently I am not the only one with the problem but as it is not my scanner I cannot do anything about it…

Here, the vertical stripes a clearly visible in the sky – even though the sky colour is not very even. – Olympus XA, Kodak Portra 800


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Random Tokyo – Akabane

Hello! It’s time for a blog post again 🙂 I though a lot about what to write about, while scrolling through my Lightroom libraries. Trying to find a pattern in ones images to create a coherent set of pictures is no easy task and I am not good at it.. In the upcoming months there will be posts about my workflow handling film, scanning film and so on.

However, seeing as Daniel just moved to Tokyo to complete an internship, I looked through my film pictures of Japan, where I started off with film photography!

I took most of the following during a walk around the Akabane area of Tokyo. I was 19 at that time, and, looking back now everything seemed incredibly novel at that time. I can still remember how I basically had to take pictures of a lot of things, just because they seemed to be so different from what I was used to seeing in Germany.

Akabane Heart
Rolleiflex SL35 E, Kodak TriX@400


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Tri-X Trees

Hello World again? It’s been some time, but here is finally Blog post #2!

I like Tri-X at 1600! And what works better with my contrasty friend than trees in winter? So here is some cool down for you during the hot summer times.

Aoiike (青い池), the blue pond near Shirogane Onsen in Biei, Hokkaido, Japan. You probably know the place from the famous Mac wallpaper. While we were there it was decidedly colder and the usually blue water was frozen and covered with fresh snow.

Aoiike, the Blue Pond
Aoiike, the Blue Pond – Kodak Tri-X@1600 – Canon Sureshot Max – Pakon F135+


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Scan Contact Sheet

About the Blog


Hello World!

This is Nimar and Daniel’s photography blog: Very Negative.
As the name suggests, we will focus on analog photography and the whole process around it. We started this blog to show the beauty of the medium film and to challenge ourselves to become better photographers. Besides showing our work, we also want to write about different cameras, developing film, darkroom and scanning techniques and about the whole analog workflow in general. (more…)

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